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Previous Entry Fatalbeauty.com Jul. 9th, 2004 @ 09:20 am Next Entry
Damn, time flies, its been awhile since we put some free stuff up on LJ for all of you, but i'm sure you'll agree that its been worth the wait. Here are some new samples from, Stella, Ananda, Drew, Darenzia, Ashes and some art photography from Messy Chestnut. If you like it, you know where you can find a whole lot more... http://www.fatalbeauty.com



The wonderful Stella in the TEACHER'S LOUNGE!!!! I shit you not.

Ananda gettin a ride in a Caddy.

Darenzia at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC.

Drew and Ashes at Hotel 17 in NYC, a set to remember.... DIZZZZAMN!

And last but not least, our newest artist. Sam from www.messychestnut.com. Some amazing work if you ask me.

As always, if you're interested in being showcased as an artist, photographer, writer or featured musician, you can go here:

http://www.fatalbeauty.com/artist_app/index.php and apply

or if you want to model on FB, go here and fill out an application:




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